Your situation

Your organisation is growing but some of your employees are not thinking along and are even pulling out. This is keeping you awake at night. You underestimated how much time it demands of you to align everyone. How can you manage growth and achieve a healthier organisation?

An executive does not provide the expected/agreed performance. You don’t want to lose him and are hoping for improvement. However, your various attempts to motivate him and achieving the agreed results seem to lead to nothing. In the past you had a good rapport but your contact is now very tense.
What else can you do?

There is an unspoken tension between (some) members of the board. It might escalate to such an extent that the whole company will suffer. You are looking for an independent expert who can gain the trust of everyone involved.

The organisation went through many changes recently. There is a lack of motivation, teams are falling apart, there is baleful competition, hidden power struggles are being battled,… You believe there is dissatisfaction among staff without a demonstrable, urgent problem.
You cannot put your finger on it.

You had hoped to find a social partner in the trade union, but you’ve noticed that they prefer to cleverly play solo and pit employees against you. Each meeting with the trade union is a battle. It requires a great deal of your time, seems to be a brake on your entrepreneurship, sometimes is seems to tend towards a personal attack. How can you get the dialogue going again? How can you pursue a policy with your stakeholders in view of the collective interest of all employees and the health of the organisation?

As a manager you have started suffering from stress recently and are wondering about your leadership qualities, you may even be considering to discontinue your organisation. You are looking for an experienced soundboard who knows the business and can make order in all discretion to help find an outcome.

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